Nursing Care

We provide 24-hour nursing care at our care facility. Our staff works hard to ensure each resident can reach their full potential, for them to live a happy and comfortable life. Our nursing team has been trained to recognise and manage a range of health conditions and illnesses, and we take pride in providing the highest level of care and respect to each individual.

Our residents have access to a dedicated team of nurses 24 hours a day, seven days a week at our nursing home in Newton Mearns. Those with more complicated needs, such as physical disability or high dependency needs can be cared for by our highly skilled and attentive staff.

What is Nursing Care?

Nursing care is the best care approach for those who require medical treatment in addition to personal care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nursing care aids those with physical limitations, long-term health concerns and illnesses provided by a team of healthcare professionals. Nursing care tends to be provided in a purpose-built care home that has all the necessary equipment to provide appropriate care. For residents dealing with complex medical conditions and symptoms, nursing care aims to provide a comfortable and content life.

Nurse Call System

Nursing Care at Mearns View Care Home

Our nursing residents have access to nursing care at all hours of the day and night. The skilled and committed team at Mearns View is able to care for a number of medical needs including those with physical limitations, those with high levels of dependency, and those who have become frail. You can rest assured that your loved one’s well-being and care needs and well-being will be met at our home. Our nursing floor is equipped with nursing equipment including profiling beds, nurse call systems and hoists. We look after our residents as a whole, providing skilled medical care while also ensuring well-being needs are met.


What You’ll Find at Mearns View

Our care home in Newton Mearns has been purposefully created to provide a variety of facilities and services for residents’ enjoyment, allowing them to live a life that suits them and their needs.

Nurse Call Systems

Profiling Beds

Bespoke Care Plans

Wheelchair Access

Access to GP

Access to Dentist

Access to Chiropodist

Access to Optician

Nursing Care FAQs

Nursing care can vary depending on the needs of the individual. However, at Mearns View, we are able to provide a variety of nursing services to meet different care needs, whatever they might be. Our nursing staff is able to coordinate with other healthcare providers and ensure that a resident’s care plan accurately reflects their health and well-being needs.

If you notice any of the following signs in your loved one, it may be time to consider nursing care:

  • Difficulty performing activities of daily living (ADLs), such as washing, dressing, or grooming
  • Worsening chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, or dementia
  • Recent hospitalisations or emergency room visits
  • Recent falls or accidents
  • Significant weight loss or changes in appetite
  • Increased confusion or forgetfulness
  • Difficulty managing medications or complying with treatment plans
  • Need for specialised medical equipment or care, such as oxygen therapy or wound care

Our nursing team will be able to assess the level of care that is required and provide guidance on the most suitable type of care for your relative. It is important to communicate openly with your loved one and involve them in the decision-making process as much as possible.

Mearns View Care Home has the responsibility of ensuring the safety of its residents, and this includes those who receive nursing care. This can be achieved by providing adequate staffing levels, ensuring that our nursing staff is properly trained and qualified, implementing protocols for infection control and medication management, and conducting regular safety audits and assessments. We have also put security measures in place to prevent unauthorised access to protect residents’ safety.

Unrivalled Levels of Care

Our compassionate and knowledgeable team takes pride in providing superior care and is respectful of privacy and dignity. Working with residents and their loved ones, we get to know everything there is to know about an individual to create a personalised care plan solely for their needs which can be modified when the time comes, to ensure a continuum of care. We strive to enhance overall well-being by supporting residents with their hobbies and interests as well as being mindful of their wishes and preferences.

An Enhanced Way of Life That Supports Your Interests

Our care home has been purposely built to meet a variety of care needs for our residents, while providing group living and all the benefits that living in an all-inclusive care home brings. We offer a wide range of high-quality amenities, as well as an accessible activities programme in which residents will be invited to take part. There are several areas throughout the home where residents can socialise, as well as take part in a variety of activities to keep each day fresh and fascinating. Residents can make use of first-rate amenities and live a full life on a daily basis. Mearns View is excited to welcome residents and provide an ideal blend of excellent care, facilities, and lifestyle options.

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